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Residential Program

Merci's Refuge is a 6-12 month residential program offered at no cost and designed to nurture a woman in crisis as she becomes the person God created her to be.

Merci's Refuge…

Merci's Refuge (MR) is not simply a place for women to live. The primary purpose of MR is to provide women a realistic opportunity to focus on the root causes that hold them back from reaching their God-given potential. Many women experiencing an unprepared pregnancy have few resources and supports from which to rely upon. When they become parents they often face numerous day-to-day financial, social, and mental obstacles that hinder their personal growth.

…is a residential program…

Merci's Refuge will initially be built to house up to 16 women plus live-in staff. The home itself will be designed to reflect the great worth of each individual woman through comfortable and elegant interior design. The program is intensive, requiring women to follow a full daily schedule, actively participate in group and individual activities, and comply with procedures for outside visits. The first phase of the program welcomes and acquaints women with life at Merci's Refuge and the current group of residents and staff. Through group and individual mentoring and professional counseling women explore and identify issues of their heart, mind and soul that may be holding them back from obtaining their goals. Simultaneously women take part in life-skills classes in nutrition, parenting, money management and entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, and spiritual growth.

…offered at no cost…

There are no financial costs associated with participating in the residential program. All expenses associated with room and board and program costs are covered by private donations from churches, individuals, and organizations. Merci's Refuge receives no local, state, or federal funding or grants and stand to make no financial gain from the residents regardless of their
decision for parenting or adoption.

…and designed to nurture a woman in crisis…

The program is offered to women who are pregnant, in a situation that puts them at-risk for experiencing an unplanned pregnancy (ex. unhealthy or abusive relationships), and those who have had an abortion and desire supportive services. While the residential facility is not designed to accommodate women who already have children, it is our hope to partner with local families who will open their homes to the children of women in the residential program, or to women and her children together under the same roof, depending on availability.

…as she becomes…

The Merci's Refuge program is intensive. By accepting the offer to become a resident, women must forego many of the freedoms and privileges they may be use to. As such, we expect only those who truly desire to work hard towards their goals to enjoy and benefit from this program. It will be no easy task to complete the 6-12 month program, but with the support and encouragement from staff, volunteers, other residents, and God, we believe each woman will leave with the skills and support she needs to fulfill her created purpose.

…the person God created her to be.

It is our ultimate goal that women will grow in their understanding of God and his purpose for their lives while at Merci's Refuge. We believe that if this occurs women will one day experience a fullness of joy that will radically alter their lives and their children's lives.