Moving Forward into 2015!

As we look back on 2014 and reminisce about all of the truly wonderful things that God has done for and through us, and as we look forward to this new year in 2015, we are filled with such hope, knowing that God will continue to prove ever faithful! We want to say a big thank you to all who have been involved throughout this process. Your support and prayers are truly, and deeply appreciated!

“The building is now weather-tight and the shingles have been installed.  The plumber is now working to rough-in the sinks, showers and toilets and will begin installing the water supply lines soon.  The sanitary sewer has been installed and we are waiting for the okay from the water company to install the sprinkler service line and then the domestic service will follow.  The rough grading for the parking area was completed waiting for a “window of opportunity” to do the finish grade then pour the concrete. With the windows and doors in place, the building has taken shape and is more representative of the best expression of God’s Love that we can find on this planet.”  -Carl Hill, General Contractor, Merci’s Refuge


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 Pictures from December 2014



Merci’s Refuge is a residential program offered at no cost and designed to nurture a woman in crisis as she becomes the person God created her to be.