Today’s the Day

A young couple came into Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center and expressed their huge fear over telling their parents that they thought she might be pregnant.  They were greatly hoping that the pregnancy test would be negative, and they would be “relieved.”  When the test read positive, fear and dread came upon them as they commented about the result.  For this young couple, telling their parents…in that moment was unimaginable!

A discussion ensued about what they thought their parents’ reactions would be.  Basically, their fear was of the unknown reaction of their parents.  As we talked about this, I had the opportunity to encourage this couple that they could tell their parents.  I suggested that they start the conversation by saying, “Today we went to the Pregnancy Resource Center.”   I assured them since today was the day they had received confirmation of a positive test,  today would be the day that would be honoring to their parents to tell them.  I reminded them in this day of technology of “instant messages” that their parents would much rather find out about this from them than on a social media, and they agreed.  The young man mentioned he was thinking they could just wait until after the baby was born to tell their parents, but they both heartily commented that would only make matters worse.

I began to encourage them by saying, “You can do it.   Look what you’ve done so far.  You went online and made an appointment, you called the center back after we left a message to schedule an appointment with you, and you kept your appointment.  You’ve already been discussing with each other the possibilities of choosing parenting or adoption.  You’re on the right path.   You just have to keep going…take the next step, which is to tell your parents.  You can do it.”  After a couple moments of silence she said, “We can do this.”  She next asked her boyfriend, “Whose parents do you want to tell first?”

This couple allowed me to pray for them before they left to go tell their parents.  I gave them each a booklet to give their parents entitled “she’s pregnant. now what?”  This is a booklet written for parents of teens experiencing a pregnancy.  An appointment was also made for this couple to return in a week to further discuss parenting and adoption options through our H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Parent through Education) program.

As a client advocate for Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center, I am thankful the PRC is able to be a catalyst for this young couple and their parents.  I am thankful also for the opportunity to offer information, support, and encouragement as this couple considers parenting or adoption.

Kristi Perkins
Frankfort PRC Director