Adoption – A Loving Response of the Heart

The doors of the Pregnancy Resource Center swing open and closed many times a day in Grundy/ So. Will. When they open, we pray for an opportunity to make a difference.  When they close, we pray the love that was shown and the words that were spoken will make a difference in that one LIFE.

On one particular day, the doors swung open and in walked a young woman carrying her baby.  Upon meeting with this teenager, I discovered she was seeking an abortion – it was just too soon to have another baby.  She was about to graduate from high school, was already enrolled in college and her housing situation was unstable.

Our conversation continued as I discussed her options with her and answered her questions regarding abortion procedures and the costs she would incur – financial, emotional and spiritual.

Holding her crying 6-month-old in her arms, reality sunk in – she would be ending the LIFE of the baby in her womb. But parenting another child at this stage in her life was simply not possible. What was she to do? She had nothing to work with.

Taking time to walk through her options, I explained the steps of an adoption plan to her. YES!!!!  That was the answer.  “But how?” she asked.  “I have no idea how to even begin…”

Thankfully, she was not alone.  Thankfully, this community came together last year and opened the Pregnancy Resource Center – a place where women can come to find the answers and support they need.  Together with the Adoption Director of Living Alternatives, the process began. With the consent and support of the birthfather, this young woman chose a Christian family to love and raise their precious baby.  Together, they gave their baby the greatest gift of all – the unselfish gift of LIFE.

Our entire team of staff and volunteers had the privilege of walking through the next seven months leading up to this precious time.  She enrolled in our H.O.P.E. program ( Helping Others Parent through Education)  and began preparing for all that it would take to place their baby for adoption.  Words cannot describe what it was like to be a part of this process as I witnessed this young couple choosing, meeting and visiting with the adoptive parents.  Choosing adoption is definitely a loving response of the heart.

The day arrived, and we experienced firsthand the miraculous gift of LIFE – a LIFE that was saved the day the doors of the PRC swung open and we were given one more opportunity to make that difference.

Tami Rush

Grundy/So. Will PRC Director