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It's not enough to believe in our mission, we must also achieve our mission.

"Saving the lives of unborn children…"

Our #1 goal as a ministry is to reach pregnant women who are considering abortion, present them with accurate information about their options, and make the life-affirming options of parenting and adoption as hopeful as possible.

2017 Impact


In 2017, we provided 1256 pregnancy tests and 1002 ultrasounds at no cost to our clients. Through our client intake process we gather information about our clients' initial intentions related to their 3 options, parenting, adoption, or abortion. Of the 1256 women who received free pregnancy tests, 125 of those with a positive test indicated they were intending to choose abortion or were considering abortion as one of their options. After receiving information about prenatal development and support services, 105 of those "at-risk" clients last indicated they would be choosing parenting or adoption.

"…while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed."

Another hope of Living Alternatives is to provide every client the choice to hear how they can receive eternal life through Jesus Christ, and to connect them with a local church or bible study.

In 2017 we had 4,729 unique client visits. 538 clients were interested in hearing the Gospel and 168 of them ultimately chose to believe in Jesus Christ for the first time or renew their previous commitment to following Him.

Impact Since 2008*

Client Visits: 66,394

Commitments/Re-commitments to Christ: 5,800

Pregnancy Tests: 9,532

At-Risk Clients who Chose Life: 2,026

*These statistics were not collected until 2008