Freedom and Restoration at Deeper Still

deeperStill_v2January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court changed our nation by placing a woman’s right to choose over the life of her preborn baby.  In 42 years, over 57 million beating hearts have been quieted and countless parents have been wounded by a decision they cannot undo, a regret they cannot escape.

I’m so grateful that Living Alternatives took the step to create a “Deeper Still” retreat for women who are hurting and often suffering in silence from the pain of a past abortion.

DSC05892I believe that because we were obedient to become equipped, God is drawing post- abortive women to us for healing. I am amazed at what God is doing! Three of our volunteers who had abortions in their past have found healing and restoration. They have become equipped to help others who are hurting and are now ready to share their experience of hope and healing with women who come to us considering an abortion.

Here is a testimony from one of our volunteers who attended the retreat:

“I was carrying an abortion wounded heart with me everywhere.  I had been holding back, damming up my full worship and praise of the Redeemer, sadly, now for 38 years.

DSC06006“Over the course of one short weekend of incredibly intense prayer and hard work, I came to understand the true depth of God’s forgiveness and the true breadth of Christ’s sacrifice for me…personally.

“I was set free!  I am now FREE to worship and praise God through Jesus Christ with my whole being!  I am now FREE to partake in the banquet table with all the believers one day in heaven. I am now FREE to give Him my unending devotion and praise forever and ever!  AMEN!”

I’ve personally witnessed a change in our volunteers who have gone to “Deeper Still.” God has truly healed their hearts and now empowered them to help other women who have been wounded.

~ Teresa

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