Howard County Fair 2014

I had the distinct pleasure of working the booth at this year’s Howard County fair. It was truly a time of blessing for me as I was able to see and talk to many people about Living Alternatives. We shared the models of the fetal development and discussed the stages of growth with interested passersby. I was astonished at the lack of knowledge that is prevalent in the public arena when it comes to pregnancy. When hearing the truth, that at 12 weeks, a normally developed fetus has fingerprints, a heartbeat, and sensory capacity, many people were shocked. They had no idea! It was humbling and eye-opening to say the least!  Additionally, I saw many young girls who had decided to proceed with their pregnancies and would benefit from the various services Pregnancy Resource Center could provide. We were able to give them information and encouragement as they traveled this special and scary path.

The work that is done by Living Alternatives is not self-contained and faceless. It is important and life-altering! These are real people with real decisions. Their babies are the future! It is obvious that so many decisions are being made with little to no information! It is our role to not only provide assistance, but to inform the public of the truth. Within three months of conception, a fetus has arms and legs and can feel pain! It is not just a collection of cells! It is a little person!

God blesses those who give a voice to the voiceless. As that voice, I feel honored and challenged beyond belief. We have such an important task before us! May God provide all that we need to continue to speak for the little ones who cannot speak for themselves!

– LaVeena Gibson, Fundraising And Community Extension (FACE ) committee member